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Pate de vere pendant

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Gabriel Argy-Rousseau, (French, 1885-1963), a pâte-de-verre glass pendant

Gabriel Argy-Rousseau, (French, 1885-1963), a pâte-de-verre glass flower pendant, signed 'G.A.R' in the mould 6.50cm (2.5in) 
Literature: Bloch-Dermant 24.40, model introduced 1924 Other Notes: Joseph-Gabriel Rousseau studied at the Ecole Nationale de Céramique at Sèvres. Following his marriage to Marianne Argyriades, in 1913, Rousseau adopted the first four letters of his wife’s name. He first exhibited works in pâte-de-verre at the Salon des Artistes Français of 1914, and in 1921 founded his own company, the ‘Société des Pâtes de Verre’. Pâte de verre, literally translated, means glass paste. The process involves mixing finely crushed glass with a binding agent and adding colours or enamels. The paste is coated to the inner surface of a mould. Argy-Rousseau made his own wax models which were then handed over for serial production to his assistants. Argy-Rousseau’s company was unable to survive the economic crisis of 1929; it was dissolved on 31 December 1931, and the series production of pâte-de-verre came to an end. Argy-Rousseau, however, continued to work in his own small studio.


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